I was abandoned

What a strong emotional statement, “I was abandoned.” Being abandoned takes many different shapes based on perception. It is one of our top fears; to be left behind, overlooked, invisible or not included. Virginia Satir, noted psychotherapist, explained how we share the same universal needs that include the need to be accepted, loved, understood, heard, belong, connected, and free etc. When these needs are unmet or challenged, it becomes a problem.

I can remember many times that I felt some sense of abandonment. These memories vary from little incidences of not feeling included to larger experiences of being forgotten about and left behind.  One of my top needs is to be included and connected. It’s important that I recognize and accept this belief because it impacts how I am in the world. Consider, if this is a top need of mine, how does that impact my ability to be a confident businesswoman, mother, partner, etc? How do you think it plays out in the real world when I believe this need is not being met by others?

In this video I explain I a time when I was abandoned. These lingering effects and emotional memories of those “abandoned” experiences is considered trauma, in that it has an impact on how I am today. Here at Fuller Life Concepts our trained trauma-informed therapists build resiliency in the clients we serve to help them identify how their underlying needs are impacting their lives in ways they want to change.

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