Are you traumatized?

As mental health therapist we know how important it is for clients to have clear information and education about what is causing them problems in life, including trauma. Fuller Life Concepts is focused on trauma-informed care which includes education and advocacy. Clients become informed of the clinical description and impact traumatic experiences have on life. It’s an important awareness for clients to have about the potential impact distressing life experiences may have on their lives.

I was consulting with one of the therapists here at Fuller Life Concepts, who shared a bit of his session with a client. He was informing and explaining to her, her diagnosis.  She was adamant that she did not have that diagnosis. He then went on to explain to her the clinical symptoms she described and the events that preceded the symptoms and helped her connect the concepts and how he arrived at that diagnosis. It was an aha moment for this client. She was surprised at his summary of her life experience and eventually acknowledged that she had experienced a deeply distressing event that was out of her control, and changed how safe she feels in her environment.

In this video I explain how Trauma is related to Post traumatic stress disorder(PTSD) and how Fuller Life Concepts trained trauma-informed therapists build resiliency in the clients we serve to facilitate recovery.

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