10 Ideas to improve your mood starting today

Did you wake up today feeling blah or down?  We all go through ups and downs as part of our mood cycle.  At times you may be down just for a few moments and other times it may last much longer.  There are ways to improve your mood almost immediately.  Here are 10 ideas and I encourage you to choose at least one that speaks to you and implement it right away.


  1. Tidy up.  If you are visual like me, it brings your mood up to have spaces that are free from clutter or visual chaos.  One thing I like to do to manage my daily mood is to make my bed.  It only takes a few minutes and I feel more relaxed when I enter my room and the bed is made. What space can you tidy up in a few minutes and feel tons lighter?

2. Go outside.  When you notice the blah or down feeling, go outside, take a walk or just stretch in the fresh air. It will do your body good.

3. Listen.  Music can be food for your soul.  Put on some tunes that you enjoy.  I choose to listen to the instrumental version of r&b music.  I notice that the melody and rhythms improve my mood.  Studies have shown that music between 4 – 13  hz can improve mood and creativity.  You can type music hz into search engine or try Steve Halpern. He is a pioneer in using sound to heal.

4. Smell.  Keep your favorite scents nearby.  I enjoy lighting candles, warming essential oils or using hand creams of my favorite scents.  

5. Wear. Get dressed and put on clothing that feels good to you.  Choose items that liven your mood because of texture, color or fit.  

6. Greetings.  Smile and greet a stranger while you are outside while walking, running errands, or at the post office.  

7. Watch.  My sister loves to watch short videos of baby animals playing.  It just makes her smile.  What can you watch that makes you smile.

8. Hydrate.  Drink water.  If you want flavor, add fruit, mint, cucumber, etc.  

9. Reach out. Send a text message, email or call a friend to see how they are doing.

10. Eat.  Heat a healthy meal or snack.  There are lots of foods that improve mood; dark chocolate, berries, nuts & seeds, fatty fish and fermented foods.  What food will you snack on today to improve your mood?

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