Why therapy for child after a trauma ?

It can be difficult to cope with the aftermath of a traumatic experience, especially if you’re a child. That;s why therapy can be so important.

Childhood misfortunes make everything more difficult — self-confidence, conflict resolution, being in love, and being successful. A therapist can help identify, fully describe, and respect their journey while teaching coping skills.
Therapy gives kids a way to safely share their feelings, tell their story, and get support. In therapy, kids learn to talk about what they’ve been through. They learn coping and calming skills. They learn to adjust the way they think and feel about the trauma. It can give them the opportunity to face fears in a safe space which translates to decreased negative impact on daily functioning.

While therapy can help a child to process what happened and to understand and cope with the emotions they’re feeling, it can also provide support and guidance for parents who may be struggling to support their child.

If your child has experienced trauma, don’t hesitate to seek out professional help. Therapy can make a big difference in helping your child to heal and to cope with what happened.

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