Grief and Loss

Bianca Golondrino, LCSW explores how to talk about loss and grief with others and healthy ways to deal with emotions. You will walk away with some healthy coping strategies.

Early Childhood Trauma

Learn about the effect of chronic trauma (ie.e, domestic violence, emotional abuse, etc) on brain development. Also learn the impact it has on behaviors and emotions. The three objectives of this training is to define trauma and identify traumatic events, explore strategies to manage behavior and emotions, and offer resources and support.

Intimate Partner Violence

Intimate Partner Violence and sexual violence on college campuses. Learn about the RED ZONE and why it occurs, explore strategies to be proactive about sexual safety and receive resources and safety information.

Social Media and Mental Health

Learn why social media is NOT all bad. Bianca Golondrino, LCSW explores the negative effects of social media on mental health. She also gives ideas on how to safely navigate social media platforms.

ACES workshop

Cristionne Barbarin shares information about the research results from Kaiser’s ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and how this groundbreaking information can guide you to parent differently to have better connection with your child.

Imposter Syndrome

D’Andra Johnson defines Imposter syndrome, explores the causes and explains which target population is most impacted by this syndrome. The workshop will also explore different ways to combat this syndrome at the individual and systemic levels.

A Candid interview about Postpartum Depression

After the birth of a child, you might have negative emotions and dangerous thoughts. Thoughts that would hurt your baby or yourself. These thoughts do NOT mean you are a bad parent, it means you deserve access to information, resources, and support to help you manage life and heal from postpartum depression.